Russell Westbrook has consistently been one of the loudest and important voices in the NBA when it comes to racial injustice and social inequality. Westbrook has been on the frontlines of these issues and his actions have been nothing short of inspirational. One would just have to look at his presence at recent protests to understand what we are talking about.

Recently, Westbrook was asked about his involvement in these initiatives and how he hopes to change the world. He was also asked about the youth of today and what they can expect while going to fight for what they believe in. Westbrook gave an inspiring answer where he admitted that while it might be tough, fighting for a good cause is always worth it.

“I can reach that demographic of people and kids and let them know it's okay to stand up," Westbrook said. "It's going to be a struggle. It's not just -snap of a finger- going to change tomorrow. Just take it step by step. Whether it's protests, finding ways to bring light.”

Throughout the next few months and even years, you can be sure that Westbrook will continue this fight. There is still a lot of work to do and as someone with kids, Westbrook understands that the stakes are high for the next generation.