The only man to average a triple double over the course of a season in recent time has spoken. Russell Westbrook for all his detractors, is the safest bet to cover the stat sheet from side to side. Unfortunately, sometimes that doesn't translate into team victories, as was the case in game 3 yesterday. The Utah Jazz led by the triple double performance of point guard Ricky Rubio, grabbed a 2-1 series lead with a 115-102 win on Saturday.

Rubio's performance made him the first Jazz player since John Stockton to record a triple double in the playoffs. Rubio was extremely excited to share the honour with the legend, adding that he knew "how important a point guard he is for this franchise." It's almost as if Rubio was considered a risky acquisition for the Jazz as his former team, the Timberwolves decided to move in a different direction. It's safe to say Ricky Rubio's ball movement and creativity have been a revelation for a surprising Jazz team.

For his part, the brash Westbrook is having none of that. During a post-game interview when asked to comment on his opponent's play he offered a simple rebuttal: "He made some shots, too comfortable. But I'm gonna shut that s--- off next game though. Guarantee that," before moving on to the next question. Westbrook's curt response engendered a short and concise subtweet from Rubio's teammate Donovan Mitchell. It'll be interesting to see how Game 4 plays out on Monday.