Shooting an airball at the free-throw line could very well be one of the most embarrassing things you can do in sports. When someone is at the free-throw line, all of the attention is on them. The shooter is forced to stand at the line, uncontested as if they are on an island. The crowd is either cheering you or jeering you, and depending on how much time is left in the game, these shots can be packed with pressure. As a result, any potential airball is looked at as the ultimate failure.

On Sunday, Russell Westbrook experienced this embarrassment first hand as he threw up an airball against the Boston Celtics. Westbrook's reaction to the airball is what truly made the play, as he couldn't help but stare down the net and look over in disbelief. Simply put, Westbrook had no idea what had just happened.

Westbrook has always been scrutinized for his shooting ability, which certainly compounds what had happened here. Not to mention, the Wizards have struggled all season, and these kinds of plays can be an amalgamation of what's gone on all season. Luckily for Westbrook and company, the team actually won last night, which certainly softens the blow of the airball.

Moving forward, we're sure Westbrook will be getting some reps in at the line, so this never happens again. 

Russell Westbrook

Patrick Smith/Getty Images