The Oklahoma City Thunder fell far below expectations last season, but that hasn't discouraged superstar Russell Westbrook at all. The team-up of Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony, and Paul George was speculated to be the Golden State Warrior killing squad, but neither them nor the Houston Rockets could take the Western Conference from the Warriors. Now, with the departure of Anthony from OKC to Houston, Westbrook is feeling as confident as ever. 

Westbrook recently sat down with ESPN's Coral Lu to discuss his confidence, fashion, and winning the championship. Lu asks Westbrook what advice he would give to young budding superstars, to which he answered, "I think the motto right now for me is, whenever they feel - obviously in this world there's going to be people that doubt you, that tell you you can't do certain things. You're not able to do it because of where you live, or how you grow up. And I think that's all BS."

"I believe you tell yourself that, why not you? why not? You can be great, I think it can happen to the best of us," he continued. My job is to make sure these kids here, and all over the world understand that it's important. And be able to instill confidence in yourself, and not look around for anyone else to give you confidence."