This season was quite promising for the Houston Rockets as they started out with a reunion between James Harden and Russell Westbrook. The team has shown some flashes of brilliance but they have also been underwhelming at times. Yesterday was a prime example of this as they gave up a huge lead to the Oklahoma City Thunder. Westbrook came through with a triple-double although Harden went a staggering 1-17 from the three-point line. 

After the game, Westbrook spoke to reporters about the loss. This is the fourth game in a row the Rockets have lost now and it's starting to affect them in the standings. They have fallen to sixth in the Conference and could be overtaken by the Thunder quite soon.

“Honestly, I thought we played a pretty good game. We played a good game for the most part," Westbrook said. "Obviously the last 6 minutes we didn’t play our best basketball, but I thought we had pretty much control of the game. There’s some good we can take out of this game.”

If the Rockets want to get out of this slump, they're going to need much better shooting from the likes of Harden. The team is struggling immensely and if they don't get a win soon, this losing streak could get out of control.