Russell Westbrook's rivalry with Joel Embiid just got heated. Under normal circumstances, we know Embiid and Westbrook can be overly-competitive in the wrong set of circumstances, perhaps even a little disrespectful at times. So when Westbrook and the Thunder traveled to Philly to take on Embiid and the 76ers, there was always high chance of fireworks. In past meetings, Westbrook and Embiid's left their rivalry on the court, but last night's game was different.

In the 4th quarter, Westbrook took exception to a foul suffered at the hands of Embiid. "I don't think he just landed on me," said Westbrook, of Embiid's foul after the fact. "He had a little extra to it. But it's OK," which in turn roused the curiosity of a reporter who asked if he and Joel were on good terms in spite of the bust-up. 

Westbrook responded, "F*ck no!" but the reporter persisted, causing Russ, a mild fit of disturbance before shouting, "Go home, bro" to cap things off. And with that, the reporters assembled in the media room took the story to Joel Embiid at the very next juncture.

"I think I was going for the ball, and I think he lost the ball, but I was already in the air," explained Embiid, when asked to offer his account of what Westbrook described an excessive foul. "I don't know why he was mad. I have no idea ... but he's always in his feelings." It certainly wouldn't be long until Russell Westbrook was relayed the message, like a rebound off the playing surface.

For what it's worth, the Thunder would manage 117-115 victory even with Westbrook fouling out in the dying seconds of the match. Embiid will like his chances at equalling the odds when the 76ers and Thunder meet again at the end of next month, this time in Oklahoma City.