Russell Wilson was feeling particularly affectionate on Wednesday and wanted his boo Ciara to know it with a #WCW post. So he made posts to Instagram and Twitter that featured some particularly corny and florid language in the caption. Highlights included “honey sweet lips that were lilac soft” and “hair plunged over her shoulders.” Truly gas station romance novel level stuff.


Just Russell being Russell? Not quite. A Twitter user called out that the captions Russell used to describe Ciara were actually the very first Google response when you type “describing a beautiful woman.” Come on Russell, you gotta at least go to the second page.

Rather than ignore the incident, Russell took to Twitter to address his somewhat faux pas. He rolled with the joke saying, “I prefer Bing to describe my love” and “even Rosetta Stone can’t translate my love at this point.” The final tweet suggests that maybe Wilson had the right idea by taking to the internet for help with expressing his love. “Diction” and “syntax” are not exactly sexy. Future is no gentleman, but he's definitely better with words than this.