According to ESPN, Russell Wilson and Ciara are part of a strong push to get the City of Portland its very own Major League Baseball franchise. The married couple have joined forces with Portland Diamond Project, a local initiative whose mission is squarely to bring a professional baseball to the mid-major market. Financial terms have not been made public, but it is assumed both Wilson and Ciara will become minority owners/investors if the expansion project is green lighted by Major League Baseball. This marks a two decade period since Major League Baseball expanded to include franchises in Arizona and Tampa Bay.

Russell Wilson, who attended New York Yankees training camp, is no stranger to the game of Baseball, having grown up in a household that cherished the sport. The Seattle Seahawks' Quarterback is also part of a venture aiming to revive the Seattle SuperSonics franchise which relocated to Oklahoma City for the 2008-2009 NBA Season.

The Portland Diamond Project was announced earlier in the month by the same Nike executive that helped Russell Wilson secure his sponsorship deal with the brand. Craig Cheek stated his plan was to begin building a ballpark after acquiring the necessary land permits. Once the construction phase is finalized, Major League Baseball will have all the assurance it needs to begin talking brand strategy with ownership, Ciara and Russell Wilson included.