Throughout the month of June, many throughout the United States came together to protest against racism and police brutality. These protests came after the killing of George Floyd, which was completely caught on camera. His death also shined a light on the deaths of many others, including Breonna Taylor who was killed by police while sleeping in her own home. In the months following these protests, many have continued to demand justice while also advocating for the demilitarization of the police force.

Numerous athletes have shown support for these causes, and now, so is Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. Today, the Super Bowl winner revealed his latest pair of cleats which feature references to both Floyd and Taylor. There are also references to Herbert Hightower and Charleena Lyles who were killed by Seattle Police.

The cleats are green and blue which is the perfect illustration of the Seahawks' color scheme. From there, the Seattle skyline is placed on the back heel, all while Floyd, Taylor, Hightower, and Lyles are placed on the sides.

Various other NBA and NFL players have paid tribute to Floyd and Taylor on their sneakers, and we're sure this will continue until justice is finally served. 

Russell Wilson

Jeff Halstead/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images