Ryan Fitzpatrick isn't exactly the first quarterback that comes to mind when you think of the word "elite." The veteran 36-year-old became a bit of a meme last season with his "Fitzmagic" nickname that came in light of some otherworldly performances at the start of the season. Coming into 2019, Fitzpatrick will be playing with the Miami Dolphins and from the first photos that were released of him, it's clear he was looking very out of shape.

Fitzpatrick is currently at the team's voluntary workouts and was swarmed by the media yesterday where he ended up addressing his weight. The QB said his weight gain can be chalked up to an abundance of birthday cake which is something I think we can all relate to.

"The thing with me is I have seven kids," Fitzpatrick said, via the Miami Herald. "So, in January, we have three birthdays. We've got a family birthday party, which includes cake. And then, we've got a friends birthday party, which includes cake. So that's six times in January. We've got three birthdays in March - March 1, March 6 and March 11 - which again is a tough stretch. That's cake six out of 10 or 11 days. Then, we've got an April birthday, so it doesn't slow down."

Now that the NFL season is a few months away, Fitzpatrick says he's committed to getting back in shape.

"Now that I've got all the birthdays behind me, I'm going to try to go from peak offseason form maybe down (to) peak in-season form," he said. "I'll be OK."