Some celebrities appear in public to party, others to promote their projects or products and still others to lend their voice to a cause. In a recent public appearance on The Ellen Show, Ryan Reynolds continued to do what he does best in public: make fun of Hugh Jackman. On the show, when Ellen asked him about his friendship/rivalry with Jackman he said that "it's not really a rivalry. It's war" and that he's hounding Jackman to get a Wolverine/Deapool movie produced, calling him every other day, even though Jackman only answers "every other other day."

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

To raise money for a cancer charity, Ellen got Reynolds to play a game where he'd have to take three shots of gin (the gin is owned by Ellen or Reynolds and the segments is murkily cross-branded) but before each one, he has to say something nice about Hugh Jackman. He complimented him with the some "facts," claiming that "Hugh Jackman has eyebrow implants,"  "hasn't worn underwear since X-Men 2" and "named is dog Hugh Jackman." Watch the full video below: 

The two have been frenemies for ages now over social media, even posting smear campaigns of each other's Oscar bids that look like they've had a lot of work put into them and have quotes like: "Ryan Reynolds may seem like an honest, hardworking movie star, husband and father. But, don't let the facts get in the way of the truth: he's been riding Hugh Jackman's coattails since 2009."