If you fell upon Ryan Reynolds' tweet today, which appeared to contain a link to a leaked version of his next movie, you likely got pretty excited and tried to watch Detective Pikachu before it even hits theatres. If you were curious enough, you probably even clicked, risking your computer's long-term health and praying that you don't get a virus. If you did manage to get through to the nearly two-hour long video, you sat through the opening sequence impatiently only to be met with a looping video of Pikachu dancing his ass off for hours.

Ryan Reynolds has been known to troll his fans from time to time. The actor decided that with just a few days left before Detective Pikachu premieres worldwide, it was the right time to pull the trigger on his latest move. As reported by Variety, the star shared a fake link to his upcoming movie, prompting over four million fans to click through, only to notice that the movie wasn't actually there. Instead, Pikachu gets his move on the entire time, which is somehow still entertaining to watch.

If you do want to see the new movie, you'll want to head down to your local theatre this weekend to catch a premiere screening. Enjoy watching Pikachu bust a move.