Ryan Trey Reflects On Sexual "Temptations" In Music Video

September 15, 2018 18:22

The red-hued visuals tell the story of being in the "sunken place" of lust.

Ryan Trey dropped his debut mixtape August late last month. The artist now offers his fans a visual interpretation of his song entitled "Temptations". The video shows the young man struggling with loyalty, as he is reeled in by seduction.

When asked about his eyes turning grey in the clip, the artist describes it as a representation of being spell-bound.

"It signifies just being under the spell of temptation. Once she put the blindfold up over my eyes, it was like she had me. It was almost like a sunken place of like lust, in the sense of seduction."

The 19-year-old still keeps his head on straight despite the temptations thrown at him with his rising fame.

"I don't think as far as when it comes to me being in the industry, [I've indulged]. [Not] when music is involved. No, I think it's more so in my personal life, like at home, or just being in my hometown. Again, women from my city were trying to get at me when I was in a relationship. Those experiences come through in songwriting."

The teenager already dropped visuals for his lead single "Mutual Butterflies." His whole August project is available for streaming here.

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