When Lamar Odom and his fiancee, Sabrina Parr, sat down with Bossip in October to discuss their relationship and upcoming reality show, they mentioned having to fire Odom's conniving manager, Zoul El Fassi. El Fassi allegedly had a crush on Odom and her jealousy over his relationship drove her to mess around with his social media accounts and send hostile texts to Parr. Fast forward a few months and this predicament has still not disappeared. 

On Thursday, Parr took to Instagram to accuse El Fassi of leveraging her access to Odom's social media accounts to sabotage his love life. In a post celebrating her loved ones during the holidays, Parr took a moment to address El Fassi's antics:

"...While Lamar’s crazy ex-manager was busy hacking his page lol we continued to enjoy ourselves and create memories! I received thousands of messages the past few days of ppl letting me know his page was hacked (as if I wasn’t aware of it lol) but instead of using up our time trying to recover it and feeding into someone who is clearly sick and miserable, we decided to let it go and focus on family time instead. That’s how you prevent anyone from robbing you of your peace. Just make the decision to not let it happen!..."

El Fassi and Parr's feud has been linked to Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson's relationship. El Fassi told The National Enquirer that Parr is with Odom to spite Kardashian, as Parr allegedly had a fling with Thompson. While you may not be inclined to trust any information stemming from The National Enquirer, El Fassi claimed that Parr had sex with Thompson four times while he was dating Kardashian, who was aware of the infidelity. According to El Fassi, Odom is also complicit in this plot to wound Kardashian. These stories being spread explain why Parr is so fed up with El Fassi's antics.