Sacha Baron Cohen's Who Is America aired its season finale this past weekend, and viewers were not left disappointed. Unlike with most of Cohen's other victims this season, the comedian's final prank employed a hidden camera to capture the action. Posing as Gio Monaldo, a billionaire playboy who hosts a show called The Diamond Life of Gio, Cohen interviews OJ Simpson. 

At first, Cohen meets Simpson with a female he claims is his girlfriend. When the woman cannot identify Simpson, Cohen makes a stabbing motion. She immediately recognizes him at that point, to the former NFL player's dismay. When OJ compliments the young woman, Cohen states, "You can enjoy her, just don't..." and pretends to stab her to death. 

 "She's gorgeous, but sometimes I want to kill her," the disguised Cohen admits. "I want to send her on a private helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon... oops-a-daisy." OJ laughs but asks Cohen to stop. "If I do (kill her), you introduce to me Cochran," Cohen added. "Well, I would have to introduce you in the afterlife," replied Simpson. "What, you didn't kill him too, did you?" asks Cohen. Finally, Cohen says that his boss is obsessed with the infamous OJ trial and the murder, and asks Simpson to come clean. "I didn't kill nobody," exclaims OJ. Check out the hilarious segment below.