Jimmy Kimmel welcomed Sacha Baron Cohen on his late-night show, this week, during which, Cohen performed a sketch that featured him selling the coronavirus vaccine to various Hollywood celebrities. During the bit, Cohen even trolled Kanye West.

“Kanye? … What do you mean you only need one now, I got you down for six,” Cohen said, pretending to answer a phone call from West. “Don’t drink for six hours—if only Tiger had listened to me.”

Sacha Baron Cohen, Jimmy Kimmel
Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

Kimmel joked that Cohen should be focused on his Oscar campaign rather than selling vaccines, to which he explained, “This is my Oscar campaign. Jimmy, put it this way: none of the Hollywood Foreign press are catching COVID anytime soon.”

Cohen recently starred in Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, which received three nominations at the 78th Golden Globe Awards back in February. 

Elsewhere in the interview, Cohen reflected on his Borat sketch on Kimmel's show during the 2016 Presidential Election, and how it helped give him the confidence to bring the character back for a full film.

“The only time Borat existed after the first movie was on this show,” Sacha told Kimmel. “I came on once during Trump’s campaign for election where Borat was saying that Trump was a Sacha Baron Cohen character.” While he initially thought another Borat film would’ve been “impossible."