If you're a Houston Rockets fan, this season has been just a little bit conflicting. The team boasts two superstars in Russell Westbrook and James Harden who are always great when it comes to putting up numbers that help your team win. While the team is a contender in the Western Conference, they have certainly had their setbacks and losses to teams that they should have beaten. Last night, the Rockets had another one of those losses as they were defeated by the Sacramento Kings, 119-118. The loss came after a last-second buzzer-beater from Nemanja Bjelica. 

Of course, the Rockets took another L yesterday although it was much earlier in the day. The team had their Spurs game protest denied by the league and now, they will have to deal with the loss they were handed. As you can imagine, the Kings social media team was well aware of the denied protest and made sure to take to social media after the win to hand the Rockets yet another L, this time in the form of a huge troll.

It's pretty rich to see the Kings trolling like this when they haven't made the playoffs in years although that's not the point. Most teams are fed up with the Rockets' complaints and this troll is a manifestation of that.