Detroit rapper Sada Baby is at the height of his mainstream popularity, releasing the remix to "Whole Lotta Choppas" with Nicki Minaj last week. As fans eat up the viral song, some of his old tweets have started to resurface, which have halted his fifteen minutes of fame.

Twitter users have been digging up some extremely problematic tweets from Sada Baby's account, some of which express a desire to commit rape. Others feature the rapper using homophobic slurs and wishing death on Beyoncé while she was pregnant.

"Smh being a F*g should be illegal," wrote Sada in 2010. "I wanna slip #Oomf a roofie n rape her ass all night," he said the following year. "I HATE DARK SKINNED PPL," said another tweet. He would have been eighteen or nineteen at the time of the tweets being sent.

The 27-year-old artist has responded to his old tweets resurfacing, saying:

"Y'all kan find every and any old tweet in the world from me. I don't kare. I'm not even logged into my twitter and haven't been for months."

People are not pleased with his response to the scandal. They began digging through his page after he clapped back at a fan asking him to promote his new remix with Nicki Minaj, telling them: "S*ck my d*ck f****t ass fan page."

What do you think of Sada's old tweets?