Love & Hip Hop thrives on drama. If there were a couple on the show that just gets along all the time, that wouldn't really make for entertaining television, now would it? For that reason, if there isn't any cause for dispute between the partners, then it's going to have to be fabricated. People on Twitter are accusing of this being the source of Safaree Samuels and Erica Mena's spat about Yandy.

In the latest episode of Love & Hip Hop: New York, Safaree decided to invite Erica's former friend, Yandy, to their wedding because he felt their history was too important for her to not be included in this milestone moment. A fight ensued over Safaree going behind Erica's back to disrespect her wishes. According to Twitter, this fight was poorly orchestrated. While viewers may accept that the show is scripted at times, they at least expect things to appear somewhat genuine. Safaree and Erica's anger towards one another and the cause of their dispute was just too far from believable to be interesting. In the tweets below, you'll see claims that the whole Yandy plot point was merely an attempt to spice up Safaree and Erica's otherwise dry relationship. Regardless of how many extravagant parties they throw, more is left to be desired from them.