Safaree Samuels reached a significant milestone in his life this holiday season with the purchase of a house. This is the first time he actually owns his home which makes the transaction extra special. The entertainer gave his following a tour of the new digs and shared some words of inspiration.

"It's Christmas ever and I just got the keys to my first house. God is good," he said." Trust the process, you know what I'm saying? This time, a couple of years ago, I was renting a room at an Air BnB at somebody else's crib." He attributes his current circumstances to "hard work, prayer, dedication and not taking 'no' for an answer." He continued: "Now, I can't even touch the ceilings. Sky is still the limit though."

He then turns his attention to all the hustlers out there who maybe be watching and offers some advice: "Don't give up. Don't stop working. Keep going after everything you want in life."

This flex is legit considering the number of people who place more value on flashing shiny things for the camera as opposed to actual investments as if people are unaware of the degradation of a car's value the very moment it leaves the lot. To each their own, of course. Either way, this is a win for Safaree.