Safaree Samuels may be engaged to marry his Love & Hip Hop co-star Erica Mena but he still maintains a sense of discernment when it comes to his partner's shortcomings. In a clip cut from the reality television show, the entertainer offers a hilarious imitation of Mena's singing ability or lack thereof. 

The teaser begins with Rich Dollaz, who happens to have had a romantic relationship with Erica, declaring he had learned a lesson from a past experience working with recording artists. "I've taken a record away from somebody and that sh*t did not end good for me," he said in reference to "Where Do I Go From Here, a song that was done justice by Olivia yet ripped to shred in Mena's interpretation. As Dollaz recalled the situation, Safaree launch into song. The mockery is real.

Despite his partaking in the quasi-humiliation of his wife-to-be, the reality television couple seems to begrowing strongg. Erica is having a great time shopping for dresses and clapping back at haters. Some viewers are calling b*llshit on their relationship. To one of them, she responded without much restraint: "we just be wondering why you miserable f*cks care so much."