From signing million dollar deals with sex toy companies, to walking runways in blazers we're now in the doctor's office with Safaree after the man fractured his damn neck while dancing. Safaree uploaded a video that sees him in a hospital gown and fluorescent purple durag explaining how he might have to sue someone. 

"Ay yo, I don't know if me doing the bruk-up really bruk me up but the doctor just told me they found a fracture in my neck. I will not be doing the bruk up anymore. I don't know how it happened but I need to see who I can sue," he says in the clip below. The video then cuts to him in a dance studio, brukin' it down, showing evidence of his misfortunate. 

Speaking of necks, 50 Cent recently shared yet another troll post clowning Busta Rhymes on his neck strength abilities. "And the award for strongest neck in Hip Hop go’s to Bussa Buss YAy LOL !" he captioned the photo that was clearly an unflattering angle of the "Break Ya Neck" artist. The photo has since been removed, but the damage has been done.