Love was in the air this Christmas, as it usually is during this time of the year. Your friends and family weren't the only ones getting engaged. Safaree was the perfect gentleman when it came to proposing to his girlfriend Erica Mena. Although Mena and Safaree began dating this year, they have known each other since they were youngens. According to TMZSafaree made sure to get the approval of Mena's mother and son before he got down on one knee though. The classic and romanticized asking of permission has been a polite gesture for decades. It came from a tradition where the father had some control over who his daughter married, but now, it's just seen as a sign of respect. If the relative does not give their consent or permission, would that honestly halt a whole wedding?

A rep for Safaree, KD McNair, told TMZ that Safaree made it his number one mission to ask Erica's family for their blessing before proposing. He prepared himself by asking them weeks before asking the question. Apparently, Safaree's own mother is very critical of the women he takes home. She loves Mena though, claiming to have been a fan of the gorgeous celebrity since she starred in VH1's Scared Famous.