Safaree Samuels was seemingly far away from the much talked about New York Fashion Week brawl that took place on Saturday night. When Nicki Minaj and Cardi B were throwing shoes at each other and going at it, Safaree was off somewhere else wearing a men's blazer, walking down a runway to Migos "Walk It Walk It" showing off his mid-drift for all to see. 

In the clip below you can see the "Hunnid" rapper front his best model look and pose while he makes a short-lived entrance and exit off the runway. 

Being as Safaree is on the hunt for a wife and announced that he will not be having sex until it's with 'the one,' it seems as though he may have a certain woman to consider. Joseline Hernandez was recently asked about her thoughts on Safaree's leaked nudes where she got pretty honest in her answer. "I actually went to work on myself, fantasizing about Safaree," she said. We're pretty sure Joseline's boo'd up, but things may change.