Safaree may have experience yet another low point in his career, but the NY rapper is not letting clout chasers control the narrative on his name. After receiving a hostile reception at Dyckman courts in Washington Heights while he was doing a halftime performance of "Hunnid," Safaree sounded off on his naysayers.

His immediate reaction was one of tomfoolery, but days later a freestyle recording has emerged in which Safaree cleverly unpacks all his feelings towards the hostile Dyckman crowd, and several other incidents which have painted him in a negative light.

His new song "Dyckman" is essentially his account of what went down that fateful evening, the chip on his shoulder squarely planted in a visible place. Safaree reasserts his firmly held belief, that all he needs is "right now" or a fair shot, something he's yet to be given by anybody outside of the Hot 97 Breakfast panel.

The much maligned "rapper" maintains that he was not rude to the crowd, and that his caustic reaction was simply put, a reaction. It stands to reason, the closer you stand to the microscope, the harder it is to maintain a positive attitude. 

Check out his freestyle session and give us your thoughts (musical criteria only SVP).