You may recall that Safaree Samuels, current star of Love And Hip-Hop, was robbed at gunpoint last Spring. Though the thieves made off with an approximated haul of $183,000 dollars, in a fit of mercy, they spared the fur. Now, the three alleged robbers, Shawn Harewood, Tacuma Ashman and Carl Harry, are facing several indictments.

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

Seven, to be specific. TMZ names armed robbery in the first degree and unlawful possession of a gun in the second degree to be among them. Not only that, but each man has been charged with resisting arrest, after eluding officers in a foot chase of sorts. 

Given that the trio was caught flashing the piece and relieving Safaree of his goods on camera, it's not exactly looking good for the would-be criminals. Should they be convicted on all charges, the maximum sentence is twenty years. As of now, Samuels has yet to issue a statement on the developments. All things considered, it doesn't look good for the bunch. Cameras are everywhere these days, are they not?