Safaree Samuels' name has been on the butt end of more punch lines than his general average. Shiggy caught him stalking his ex's Instagram feed, then he blurted out his feelings over Nicki's "Come See About Us," thus claiming himself to be the subject line of her chorus, something Nicki Minaj will likely keep anonymous for the time being, along the same vein of Drake withholding his "search history."

Then 50 Cent jumped into the fray, dumping on Safaree for sporting a regrettable hairline, which resulted even more misdirected traffic. Safaree then carried out a Twitter rant in which he addressed the infamous dick pic allegations by once again refuting the charge he was in on the "ploy." 

Nicki curved him too, for hanging on for dear clout. She added yet another pot shot to the discussion over his receding hair. It seems Nicki Minaj is not fready to look past Safaree's accusation of domestic violence. Maybe he doesn't view it as such, or under those terms. Regardless, Safaree claims he woke up messages offering an endorsement deal with a "hair club," and book deal worth $500,000, if you take him at his word. 

He did close his Tweet by insinuating that he was keen to add the title "author" to his list of side hustles. We'll have to wait and see if he backs those claims.