Safaree Samuels hasn't been having the best month after his estranged wife Erica Mena filed for divorce days after they announced they were expecting another baby. The rumor mill started picking up in activity as fans suggested that Safaree got another woman pregnant, which he has denied. As Safaree and Erica bicker over custody, Samuels has shared with his followers that he's undergoing a major appearance change, telling his fans that he's going to start bleaching his skin.

Safaree is presently under fire for his most recent tweet, in which he tells his followers that he's about to start bleaching his skin. "Starting my skin bleaching process today... it’s time for change [Black and white praying hands]," he wrote. 

Some people have already told Safaree that they've unfollowed him for this tweet alone, calling the entertainer "corny" for this move. It's possible that Safaree is just trying to bait people into engaging with his content, which wouldn't be completely off-base for Nicki's ex. He's seemingly been pretty hungry for attention, faking his own divorce a few times before the real deal this year.

Previously, Moniece Slaughter, Love & Hip Hop's Spice, and others have faced backlash for allegedly bleaching their skin to appear lighter. Do you think Safaree is just trying to rile people up or is he being serious?

Paras Griffin/Getty Images