Safaree Samuels does not trust the government, especially when it comes to the hysteria surrounding an epidemic like the coronavirus. As the deadly disease spreads rapidly and more and more cases are confirmed each day, folks are taking serious precautions when it comes to protecting their health. The country of Italy has been shut down, major events around the world have been cancelled, and thousands have been quarantined.

Safaree Samuels coronavirus American u.s. government panic hysteria epidemic suspiciousRich Fury/Getty Images

However, not everyone thinks that the public is getting all the information necessary about the virus. Safaree took to Twitter to start a dialogue about the fear that has been instilled into civilians about contracting coronavirus. The rapper and reality star noted that folks should not let the viral epidemic control their whole lives.

"Stop letting the carona [sic] virus stop y’all from living y’all lives," he tweeted on Tuesday. "I don’t trust the government. They got something to do with it. They shoulda stopped certain flights from coming in to America since December. Go chuck up Innah yuh mumma trump !!" While Safaree may not be too worried, other celebrities, like Card B, certainly are. Cardi admitted that she's pretty terrified of the coronavirus, and that she's stocking up on food in preparation.