Safaree Samuels has been in a bit of trouble as of late. The rapper, who has been dating and is engaged to reality star Erica Mena, must have really pissed off his ex lately because she exposed him last night. Gabrielle Davis, a Jamaica-based model, posted the visual receipts to Safaree's debauchery on Instagram. The savage texts show Safaree professing his love for her while also claiming he does not plan on marrying Erica Mena. He even goes on to ask Gabriella to stop asking about their relationship. Yikes! Safaree got himself in quite the drama. 

While the dates tied to the text messages remain unclear, one thread shows dates back to November 2018 which is when the rapper commenced his relationship with Love & Hip Hop star Erica Mena. In another text, Safaree even claims to want to be with Gabriella and the receipts for these dates back to this past May. Could these possibly be real? We have yet to hear anything from Erica Mena, but we do know that Safaree is vehemently denying all of the claims. However, it remains a bit questionable considering the actual text messages have been shared. Either way, we expect more on this later.