Chiefs wide receiver Sammy Watkins says he is more than happy to take a pay cut to stay with Kansas City.

Sammy Watkins, Chiefs, ContractAl Bello / Getty Images

"Very important to stay," Watkins said. "For what we did in winning the Super Bowl and the type of team and coaches we have, the organization, why wouldn't I stay? I'm a guy that's been in the league going on seven years, and I've been on teams that were not so good and were not winning.

"We've got a well-established quarterback, a well-established team, coaches, organization. The real fun is in the winning more than anything."

Watkins and the team agreed on a restructured deal that will pay him $9 million, rather than the $14 million which he was originally set to receive.  While he says winning is enough motivation to stay in Kansas City, Watkins has says he wants to be more involved in the offense going forward. He even said things would turn into "World War III" if he doesn't get the ball more; however, he's since said he's over it: "I'm past that. ... I just really want to get back to football," he said. "Every receiver, any player wants to go out there and do well and score touchdowns or catch as many balls as you possibly can and get the yards. I want those type of things.