Tomorrow is the beginning of Samsung's developer conference, where they will likely announce at least something new, but likely a smartphone that you can fold. The company recently changed their display photos on their social media accounts to a folded Samsung logo, prompting people to connect the obvious dots. 

For those of you who are thinking: "wait, why would I need to fold my phone?" you are not alone. Royole recently debuted the first ever foldable smartphone, which looks like one of those double buses with the accordion in the middle (actually called an articulated bus) and is probably similarly cumbersome. The Samsung model is rumoured to cost $2000, which begs the question: why not just go Kevin Gates and get two normal phones?

For those of you who are actually excited about the advances in folding technology, you can watch the keynote address of Samsung's developer's conference below. It starts tomorrow morning at 10 am PST.