Brie Larson is the talk of the town right now since her anticipated film Captain Marvel has been released in select cities, while it opens tomorrow in North America. The actress and her co-star Samuel L Jackson teamed up with James Corden's beloved Carpool Karaoke series to sing their heart of to Ariana Grande's chart-topping track, "7 Rings."

Both Brie and Samuel are very familiar with the lyrics and the melody of the song, while Brie is seen busting out a few hand moves for added effect. Later in the clip, Samuel surprises Brie by picking up a friend to join the ride.

"I think we should work on that bond of trust between the two of us," he said, before picking up a man with a lie detector kit in hand. "But I got a friend I wanna pick up though before we get to doing that. It's gonna be dope." 

The rest of the ride sees the two ask each other questions about their acting skills, Samuel's fashion choices and their on-set behavior. Watch the clip below to see their questions and whether their answers are true...or not.