John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson combined to create one of the most iconic movie duos of all time in Pulp Fiction. Now, they are reuniting to create a funny holiday ad. The two veteran actors teamed up for a Captial One commercial, a company for which Jackson has been working with for years now.

In the commercial, Travolta plays Santa Clause. Santa is shopping online for his elve's Christmas presents, but is a little alarmed by the price. It's most likely safe to say that this will be an extra hard holiday season for many of us. That's when Jackson appears on his computer screen and informs him that Capital One cards will search for coupons for your carted items and automatically applies them to orders when you checkout. That sounds pretty handy. After giving the helpful information, Jackson asks if he could be taken off the naughty list. That doesn't seem like it's going to happen, since he loves those naughty words, says Santa. The commercial is a cute holiday combo that brings two of America's favorite veteran actors back on screen together. It may not be Pulp Fiction 2, but it's all we got. Happy holidays everyone!