Samuel L. Jackson is a man of many titles. Legendary actor. Icon. Bad motherfucker. The list goes on, as well it should. Jackson has appeared in dozens of films, including some truly impeccable work alongside director Quentin Tarantino. This Friday, you'll be able to catch Samuel L. reprising his role as John Shaft in Shafthence the press tour. Yet let it be known. The Breakfast Club understands the scope of the honor, with Charlamagne emphasizing that Jackson is indeed a very special guest. 

Before long, Jackson is opening up about all manner of topics, beginning with his work routine and schedule. "I usually take a month off every year," reveals Jackson. "To really go on vacation, purposely." Charlamagne emphasizes that whatever Jackson does, it's working, as he looks "motherfuckin good" at seventy. Jackson explains the benefits of living stress-free, laughing off Envy's queries about a vegan lifestyle. "I was a vegan for a minute," he admits. "I lost so much weight I almost lost a job. They said, 'well, if you don't gain 15, 20 pounds, we'll have to recast.' I went straight to Shake Shack and got my life back together."

John Sciulli/Getty Images

Around the twelve minute mark, Jackson fields a question about being the "highest grossing" actor of all time. Jackson chuckles. "It's a dubious honor," he reflects. "It means that I've been in a bunch of movies that people like, that were popular. I like doing popcorn movies. I'm a serious actor. Actors make money. We put butts in seats. You make money from people. You get to make more movies. I like making movies people want to go see. I like movies for the gun violence. I like violent movies! That's what I like! I like scary movies, I like horror movies! I like action movies. So I'll make them. I'll make a serious movie from time to time, because I want to help the writer, director, or there's somebody in it I want to work with. But I'm not looking forward to no award-winning da-da-da. I'm looking to go to work and have some fun."

For much more from Samuel L. Jackson, be sure to check out the interview in full below. It's a good one.