Gun violence has been an ongoing battle for Americans as seemingly senseless crimes continue to take place. Last week on March 16th, a hate-motivated shooting took place in Atlanta left 6 Asian women slain. Just yesterday, a mass shooting in Boulder, CO took the lives of ten individuals when a gunman opened fire. San Diego rapper OG YD has also become the victim of gun violence, tragically passing away over the weekend after being shot while driving.

According to ABC10 News San Diego, the rapper and a friend, who was also seriously injured, were driving along Interstate 805 early Saturday morning. Highway Patrol in the state reports the shooting occurred around 2 in the morning just north of Imperial Avenue. The victim was later identified as OG YD.

The graphic video from the scene displays the moment officers attempted to deliver CPR to him as he laid still next to his white Dodge Charger. The female passenger he was riding with can be heard nearby in the video screaming and crying as officers attempted to console her while another bloodied man sits nearby. 

One paramedic in the video remarks, "His blood pressure isn’t coming up" as failed CPR attempts continued. OG YD was ultimately declared dead at a hospital nearby.

No suspect has been named in the crime yet at the time of this article's publication. Anyone with info that could be helpful in catching the perpetrators is asked to call the California Highway Patrol at (858) 650-3600.