Santigold took to Twitter to explain her absence from a Lauryn Hill she was scheduled to perform as the opening act. According to the Philly-born singer, Lauryn Hill's management sent her a vague communique expressing an "inability to accommodate her performance" the night of her Miseducation 20th anniversary tour stop in Portland, Oregon.  

Santigold's first Tweet expressed regret to the fans who made arrangements to join her in Portland for the ill-fated tour stop. Under the most negative light, Santi's Tweet can be read as Lauryn "getting thrown under the bus." But for all we know, Santi's forced removal from The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill 20th Anniversary Tour may have been done in a less than cordial manner. We simply don't have all the details. 

According to members of the crowd present during the Portland tour stop, Nas didn't make his scheduled appearance either. Before the news came to light, concert-goers were led to believe Nas and Santigold were skipping the tour stop, of their own accord. Other commenters were able to latch onto proper intel regarding the cancellations of both acts.  

It stands to reason that Santigold is quite miffed over the snub. Nas on the other hand, has yet to comment.