Saquon Barkley is an amazing human being. The talented NY Giants running back stepped in to save the day after one fan was dissed by Dallas Cowboys player DeMarcus Lawrence. Last week, a video went viral of 11-year-old Kamil Bautista going to greet Lawrence after the Giants and Cowboys game. The Cowboys destroyed the Giants, but the happy NY fan was still in a good mood. Bautista and his family drove 9 hours to go watch the game, and afterward, they waited outside to try and grab an autograph from players. Lawrence cooly walked by during that time, and Bautista tried to get an autograph from him. Instead, Lawrence dismissed the child for wearing a Giants jersey very loudly. 

Barkley saw this viral video, and according to TMZhe decided to act. The New York Giant allegedly reached out to the Bautista family and offered to fly them out to the Giants versus Jets game in November. Barkley offered the family VIP treatment at MetLife Stadium, and also full meet and greets with the team which should include all the autographs young Kamil could ever hope for. Big props to Barkley for reaching out to the Bautista family and setting up a dream come true.