Saquon Barkley began his career with the New York Giants with a ton of promise. He was so good back in 2018 that he was able to secure the rookie of the year trophy thanks to his efforts on the field. Unfortunately, his sophomore season saw a setback as he was hit with an ankle injury that kept him out of the lineup for most of the year. Coming into this season, fans were hoping to see Barkley back to his old ways, although now, his entire season is over after just Week 2.

During the Giants' match against the Chicago Bears on Sunday, Barkley went down with a knee injury that had fans worried. Early reports circulated noting that it could be an ACL injury, which is a worst-case-scenario. Today, Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network confirmed that it was, indeed, and ACL tear and that Barkley will now have to miss the rest of the season

Last night, Barkley wiped his social media clean, which had some fans thinking he had received some bad news. Of course, now, we know this to be the case. It's yet another setback for Barkley and this Giants team that simply can't seem to catch a break.