Cardi B's last performance before giving birth had a special visitor come see her do her thang. Photos from this past weekend's Broccoli City Festival in Washington saw Cardi, her man Offset and Sasha Obama kicking it backstage. We're not sure how the gang-gang got together, but the 16-year-old looks comfortable as ever with the two. 

Cardi hopped on Instagram last week to let her fans know that Broccoli fest will be her last show for a minute due to her growing baby bump. “Hey y’all whats popping? I just wanted to make this a little bit clearer and everything," she said in her video. "Broccoli Fest will be my last performance for a little while and everything. Cause you know shorty keep growing and like I be looking like I be moving and everything but in reality a bitch can barely breath,” she said. “I want to thank y’all for understanding. I'll be back for the Bruno Mars tour."

We also have more to look forward to, since Cardi hinted at "new beef," saying it won't be addressed until after she has her baby. "Yes, bitch, we gon' beef forever. Ever since I got pregnant, all of a sudden I've got this new beef," she told the crowd atDrai's in Las Vegas. "Every day bitches got something to say. Wait 'til I drop this baby, what's good? Bitches was talking crazy, watch when I drop this baby."

Cardi and Offset's baby is due in July so we'll find out soon after.