Sauce Walka's been incredibly outspoken over the past few weeks, especially when it comes to people taking credit for terms and things he believes he introduced. Earlier today, Ric Flair claimed that he originated the term "drip" and said that Offset and the rest of the Migos, as well as Lebron James, could vouch for this. Clearly, Sauce Walka took an issue with this and responded to The Nature Boy in his own Instagram video.

Sauce Walka is not allowing anyone to claim that they created the term "drip." The rapper went off on the legendary wrestler for claiming that he originated the term. Walka channeled his inner WWE wrestler and puts Ric Flair on blast for his video earlier today claiming that he originated the term "drip." Not only did he discredit Ric Flair for his comments, but he also suggested that the wrester's Rolex is fake as his wrestling moves.

"Ric Flair, let me tell you something, brotha'. You ain't start no drip, splash or nothing that got to do with the splicka-dash, but since you did that, I'm on your ass," he said. "You are the biggest rootin'- tootin', cocaine shootin', crack smokin', Big Show choked slammed your weak ass, you chokin' mothafuckin' wrestler in the wrestling game. You been lame. All you do is sniff cocaine. N***a, you ain't start nothing that has to do with the drip."

He added, "How you gon' drip when you're a trick? You can't be a drippa' and then be in Las Vegas spending all your wrestler money on strippers."

Sauce Walka closed out his rant by placing a $100K wager that his father could beat Ric Flair in a wrestling match. Whether that comes to fruition is to be determined, but we're betting that would one helluva wrestling match.