In Houston, the name Sauce Walka rings bells. Though no stranger to controversy, Walka has earned his stripes in the streets; by his own admission, the rapper has birthed a variety of hip-hop "children," and thus, his influence runs deep. We've already seen him recently call out Travis Scott, calling him "lame as hell" after the Astroworld rapper did the "woah" dance on SNL. Though the pair since hashed out their differences, it's further proof that Sauce does not take kindly to any possible slight, and will respond accordingly. Now, Sauce has set his sights on a new set of opponents, aiming a scathing rant at Offset and Cardi B.

It all started after Sauce Walka posted on IG, calling out anyone sporting a fake watch. It appears that Offset felt disrespected, and slid into Sauce's DMs for a word. Afterward, all hell broke loose. Sauce put Offset on blast, writing "you a pussy boy, you call me crying like a lil hoe. Houston knew exactly who I was talking about and you dry threw yourself in the situation." He also threw up some receipts of an alleged DM conversation, in which he essentially rebuffs Offset's attempts at clearing the air. "Whaaaaa bro get yo bitch ass out my DM with that lame insecure ass shit," he writes. "If I wanted to check u I wudda did it direct."

He continues to double down, bringing Cardi B's name into the fold. "Tell the world where you and your wife got ya'll drip from n****," he writes. "Tell the world how she was in Houston chasing on my dick chasing my DRIP but I TRIED TO BRAKE @iamcardib and she got mad and made a song about me. "sauce n****az." He is, of course, referring to "Sauce Boys" off Cardi's Gangsta Bitch Music Vol 1. 

Sauce went on to personally addresses the situation on Instagram Live, claiming he actually spoke to Offset and his team on FaceTime. He still wasn't satiated, and continue to call the Migos rapper out. "Everyone know you're another one of my kids," he says, before making it clear that there's enough drip to go around, provided due respect is given. Unfortunately, he feels Offset lost the right for respect upon sliding into the DMs. "Call your CEO, call your daddy Pee," says Sauce. "Tell him to open up the bank account, tell him to go pull out a hunnid, n***a we can fight for a hunnid!"