Does anybody have more energy than Sauce Walka? The Houston rapper bought a new chain this week and showed it off for the world to see on Instagram, bouncing off the walls and going absolutely nuts at his jeweler's office. The 30-year-old Sauce Father is one of the most well-known rap figures from Houston, and he's seemingly got a lot of money to spend because his new pick-up apparently ran him around $600,000.

"I WON!! 600k. NEW CHAIN ALERT," wrote Sauce Walka on Instagram, uploading a 9-minute video where he runs around, periodically shows off the chain, and goes insane. "I GOT ALL 7 #DragonBalls n***a I WISHED TO BE 'UNFUCKWITABLE' My n***a #Shenron granted my wish."

The new piece is incredibly hard and any fan of Dragon Ball Z will appreciate the inspiration. However, $600,000 is an awful lot of money. If Sauce Walka has it and can make it back, he's cool, but many are wondering how he can explain this large of a purchase when there are arguably smarter investments that could have been made with that money. Just the other month, the rapper also had a $250,000 diamond teardrop implanted on his face.

On Thursday morning, Asian Doll showed off her new chain, dropping $85,000 on an ultra-realistic pendant with King Von's face on it

Are you a fan of Sauce Walka's new chain?