The Verzuz battle between E-40 and Too $hort brought in a quarter-million viewers and was a great way to end the year. The Bay Area legends brought the heat, dropping hit after hit and putting on for their city. The battle started with $hort's "Freaky Tales" versus E-40's "Da Bumble." Saweetie, a Bay Area representer, took to her Instagram Live to celebrate the legendary battle with her infamous energy.

On Live, Saweetie was turning up while wearing grills and baggy clothing with a fitted cap. Saweetie danced along to the music, bopping while showing off her grills and a handful of cash. Her fit was a nod to the Verzuz, but one hater online had to come at her, of course. "This bitch look dumb," wrote the disgruntled Twitter account. "This how you KNOW she ain’t from where we from," the account suggested, trying to hint that Saweetie was not authentic. The rapper caught wind of the tweet, and responded promptly. "Just cause yo daddy dressed like a bitch don’t be mad at me," she wrote.

Still, the highlight of the night had to be E-40's dance moves during the entire battle.