Saweetie believes that opposites do attract, telling the Black Is Love panel, moderated by Angela Yee and including Ts Madison, Codie Elaine Oliver, and Devyn Simone, about what she's learned about Quavo during the pandemic, what it's like dating somebody in the same industry, and how the Atlanta rapper taught her how to love.

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Facebook Dating hosted a new panel called Black Is Love, where Saweetie chimed in about what Black love means to her and how to prioritize self-love while dating. Speaking with moderator Angela Yee and panelists Ts Madison, Codie Elaine Oliver, and Devyn Simone, Saweetie said that she isn't the most affectionate person, but that Quavo is. He essentially taught her how to love, she says.

"I think opposites do attract, [Quavo's] such an affectionate person and I'm not, but it's because of my upbringing," she said, explaining that her parents used a tough-love approach on her. "I'm so excited to watch that series [Black Love] because I would love to see a healthy way of how to love. So definitely opposites do attract and he's a loving man and he's taught me how to love."

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As for what the pandemic has taught her about their relationship, Saweetie says that she learned how to cook some of his favorite foods, getting creative because of Quavo's pickiness. "[During the pandemic] I learned how to cook his favorite food, but that’s about it," she said. "Steak, pasta, and broccoli with cheese. Because he doesn’t like vegetables, so the only vegetable he’ll eat is broccoli with hella cheese on it."

Finally, Saweetie says that she's happy she found somebody in the same industry, realizing that people outside of music likely wouldn't understand her hustle. "It does really help, talking to somebody who is doing what you're doing because lifetimes ago I've dated other people and when they don't understand the hustle, that brings conflict because they're not necessarily as supportive," said the Icy Girl.

Watch the full episode of Black Is Love above.