Saweetie does a lot of traveling and she definitely doesn't want to risk the chance of being harassed in first-class or coach on a commercial flight. As many rappers do, she's invested in private flights, ensuring that she can travel in peace and get to-and-from locations in a safe manner. This week, she decided to drop some major cash on a private jet, seemingly leasing it out for whenever she needs one-way or return travel.

"Ay, I don't land at the airport, I land at the Clearport. I got my first motherf*cking jet, I'm hella happy," said the Bay Area rapper on Instagram. "This sh*t hella motherf*cking big, I know that's motherf*cking right!"

All of her friends and family in the background started clapping for Saweetie as she made her announcement, making it all feel so much more special.

Of course, this can't be the same sort of private jet acquisition that Drake made when he copped his Air Drake jet. Saweetie has only been in the game for a few years, and, while she's likely to make the money to one day buy a jet for herself, she's probably just leasing this one on a long-term basis to ease the stress of travel. Still, however she decided to secure the jet, this is a major level-up moment for Saweetie and it should be celebrated.

Congratulations to the 26-year-old on getting her first private jet.