We all have our secret foodie preferences that may make our friends and families sick, but they somehow are appealing. French fries dipped in a Wendy's frosty and pickles with peanut butter are all the rage for a select few, and apparently, there are people out here living their best lives by dipping their cheeseburgers in honey. Saweetie has revealed one of her foodie favorites and while it doesn't seem like it's *that* big of a deal, it has caused the Bay Area rapper to become a trending topic on social media.

Saweetie, Spaghetti, Ranch
David Livingston / Stringer / Getty Images

To kick off Women's History Month, the Pretty B*tch Music rapper went viral after a brief video of her adding a little something to her spaghetti surfaced. In the clip, Saweetie is seen drenching her Italian-style dinner in ranch dressing, a move that disgusted many. Some commentators called her out for eating like a frat boy—their assessment, not ours—while others co-signed her tastes.

Pouring ranch on just about anything seems like a very Californian thing to do, and the public let her know just how they felt. What's your favorite odd food pairing combination that you swear is delicious? Check out some responses to Saweetie's most recent viral moment below.