College girl-turned-rapper Saweetie is often praised for graduating from the University of Southern California where she studied communications and business, but not many know the odd jobs the Bay Area artist had before hitting it big. Saweetie recently caught up with The Shade Room where the host mentioned that the rapper is applauded for not having a stripper past, but Saweetie admitted that she did work at a strip club back in the day.

Saweetie, Strip Club, Strippers
Desiree Navarro / Stringer / Getty Images

"I think people have a misconception of strippers, and the reason why I say that is 'cause I used to work at the strip club myself," said Saweetie. She was asked if she used to "dip it low," and Saweetie answered, "You know I got a couple of tricks." The host wanted to know if the rapper could show off a few of her exotic dancer skills, but Saweetie was clear that "you gotta pay me for that."

All jokes aside, Saweetie wants to shed the stigma surrounding people who work for gentlemen's clubs. "All I'm saying is, I've seen that conversation and I don't like when people uplift me by putting down another woman because while I was a server at the strip club, I realized that strippers are regular people," Saweetie stated. "They're college girls. They're mothers. They're real girls who just come into work, and for me, strippers are like acrobats. That's a talent. They're acrobats or they're psychologists. They're therapists."

She added that she learned that "time is money" by working at the strip club. "If you're talking to me but you're not paying for nothing and you're wasting my time. I could be getting that money somewhere else. That's why I want women to really value thereselves 'cause you learn a lot working in those type of environments."