Scarlxrd Bears The Cross Of "Anti-Old Heads Worldwide" In The Latest "Between The Lines"

Devin Ch
June 22, 2019 12:31

Scarlxrd goes "Between The Lines" on his song "Head Gxne."

For our latest installment of "Between The Lines," UK spitter Scarlxrd was kind enough to help us decode "Head Gxne," a standout track on his seventh full-length project Infinity. If Scarlxrd's word is to be taken at face value, the patented song took little over to "finesse" and package together, as he so eloquently put it himself.

 Before recording the song in a flash sequence,  Scarlxrd recalls being completely wrapt by the 90's inspired beat for minutes at a time. In all likelihood, he was in the company of the most entrusted members of his entourage, which in all likelihood, allowed him to drop his guard like a creative type unhinged.

Image via HNHH

The 25-year old likened the unfurnished song to a cypher, described in short as a "boom bappy" feeling that gets the bloodstream going. Scarlxrd wouldn't be the first, nor the last to rediscover his ancient self through music. After distilling the composition for us, Scarlxrd spoke about his personal growth and how he's managed to steer clear of the negative influences of Pharmacopeia in rap.

There isn't a lot of space to cry within the overstated bounds of hip-hop, Scarlxrd would be the first to tell you that. All he wants is to grow old without his convictions weighing him down like a paper weight. So, in other words, Scarlxrd fancies himself the "anti-old head" of our uncertain future. Be sure to check our other "Between The Lines" segments, as documented by my colleagues, here and here.

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