In the last few days, tens of thousands of people have taken to social media to share their grief over the tragic loss of Nipsey Hussle. After the rapper was gunned down in front of his store Marathon in Los Angeles, the internet has been divided, with conversations centering on conspiracy theories related to Nipsey's death and talks of gun violence in marginalized communities.

Nipsey's death has left a significant hole in hip hop and his celebrity friends have mourned the lyricist's passing publicly. However, not everyone has taken to social media to give their "R.I.P." messages, and fans have taken notice. 50 Cent was hounded by people who thought he took too long to give a social media tribute to Nipsey, and now rapper ScHoolboy Q is addressing those who have hit him up telling him that he should make some sort of statement about the slain L.A. rapper.

Q felt the need to let folks know that he's not going to say anything about a friend that passes away just because the public wants him to. "In my DM tellin me 2 speak on Nipsey...f**k u tHink I been doin...same n***aHz tHat call they self rap fans be calling n***aHz wack and all tHat smh," Q wrote. "I also neva said Mac's name. THis is real life braH. Some s**t not for IG...posting rip next to macs name doesn't do nutHing for me, it does sumtHin for u...I grieve in real life not Here."

ScHoolboy Q fans have been waiting on his forthcoming album, a record that was supposed to have already been delivered. However, Q delayed the release after his good friend Mac Miller died, and as he said in his aforementioned post, he didn't write any messages about Mac on social media, either. Yet, he did tell fans at one of his live shows last year that he was taking a brief pause to get himself together following Mac's death.